20 Celebs Who Look So Much Alike, They Could Be Related (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Jul 23, 2015 Celebrities
20 Celebs Who Look So Much Alike, They Could Be Related (PHOTOS)

Look out Hollywood! These celebrity dopplegangers will have you doing a double take! The striking similarity between these stars is amazing. It would seem as if they share the same DNA, but nope, there's no family relation. 

Whether dressing up for an awards show or relaxing in a coffee shop, they can confuse even the most seasoned paparazzi. See which celebrity duos will have you seeing double. 

Image © Reimschuesse

  • Natalie Portman & Kiera Knightley


    Image © KCS Presse/Corbis

    This Black Swan stunner has both beauty and brains. She holds a degree from Harvard. She also looks remarkably like another Hollywood beauty, Kiera Knightley.

  • Natalie Portman & Kiera Knightley


    Image © Reimschuesse

    Pirates of the Caribbean star Kiera Knightley welcomed her first child with husband, James Righton, in May. The brunette beauty bears a striking resemblance to Portman, who also has dark hair and eyes. 

  • Ian Somerhalder & Chace Crawford


    Image © Parisa/Splash News/Corbis

    Swoon alert. What do Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford have in common? Sultry eyes, a structured jaw, and model looks -- some things really are better in pairs.  

  • Ian Somerhalder & Chace Crawford


    Image © John Spellman

    Sexy Chace Crawford is returning to TV this fall in the ABC primetime soap, Blood and Oil. Unlike his non-related twin, Ian Somerhalder, this Hollywood hottie is single.

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  • Cameron Diaz & Helena Christensen


    Image © Armando Gallo/Corbis

    Since her recent wedding to rocker Benji Madden, the gorgeous actress, who bares an uncanny resemblance to supermodel Helena Christensen when her hair is dyed dark, has been quietly enjoying married life. 

  • Cameron Diaz & Helena Christensen


    Image © 2009 Phil Ramey/X/Corbis

    This stunning fashion model, whose perfectly contoured face looks a lot like Cameron Diaz's, has graced the covers of Elle, Vogue, Bazaar and more. Gifted with great genes, it's hard to believe Christensen is 46!

  • Isla Fisher & Amy Adams


    Image © Gus Ruelas/Reuters/Corbis

    The fiery beauty is often mistaken for actress Amy Adams in the tabloids. She recently welcomed her third child, a boy, with husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, and rocked her post-baby body in a fitted dress shortly after. Happy to take supporting roles for now, Fisher's priority is her family. 

  • Isla Fisher & Amy Adams


    Image © DANNY MOLOSHOK/Corbis

    At first glance, it's easy to mistake Amy Adams for Isla Fisher. The gorgeous redheads even crossed paths at their daughters' dance class. But Adams says she doesn't see the similarity. Umm, really?

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  • Channing Tatum & Wentworth Miller


    Image © Mario Anzuon/Corbis

    Hang on to your dollar bills, Magic Mike star Channing Tatum may have a twin! Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Tatum and Prison Break's Wentworth Miller?

  • Channing Tatum & Wentworth Miller


    Image © Paul A. Herbert

    Unlike his lookalike Channing Tatum, Wentworth Miller has yet to be seen shedding his clothes on screen, much to the dissapointment of Prison Break fans. The 42-year-old Miller recently announced he's gay

  • Penelope Cruz & Paz Vega


    Image © Armando Gallo/Corbis

    It comes as no shocker that Esquire named Penelope Cruz the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2014. With her flawless olive skin and gorgeous silky dark hair, she's often mistaken for fellow Latina actress Paz Vega. 

  • Penelope Cruz & Paz Vega


    Image © Amando Gallo/Corbis

    Spanglish's Paz Vega's resemblance to Penelope Cruz is downright spooky. Even the way they style their hair is near identical. You can catch Vega, who hails from Seville, Spain, in her latest film, Cat Run.

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  • Christy Turlington & Jessica Biel


    Image © LAN/Corbis

    It's not hard to believe that supermodel Christy Turlingtion has appeared in over 500 magazines. Her flawless complexion, honey-colored hair and chiseled features might have you thinking you've seen her on the silver screen, when in fact it's probably her lookalike, Jessica Biel.

  • Christy Turlington & Jessica Biel


    Image © LAN/Corbis

    Jessica Biel's supermodel good looks are surely one of the things that first appealed to the music industry's most sought-after bachelor, Justin Timberlake. The two married in 2012 and had a baby boy, Silas, earlier this year.

  • Megan Fox & Angelina Jolie


    Image © Bryron Pervix/ AdMedia

    The Jonah Hex beauty shares many features with the striking Jolie, including sex-symbol status and smoldering dark looks. She's married to former 90210 actor Brian Austin Green.

  • Megan Fox & Angelina Jolie



    Angelina Jolie is way more than a pretty face. The award-winning actress and director, and wife of hottie Brad Pitt, is an ambassador, a humanitarian, and mama to six adorable kids.  

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  • Sienna Miller & Mollie King


    Image © Carlo Allegri/Reuters

    The soft, wavy blonde hair and fair skin make the American Sniper star, who has called her daughter the "love of her life," a dead ringer for Mollie King.

  • Sienna Miller & Mollie King


    Image © Reimschuessel/Corbis

    You must admit Mollie King looks eerily similar to another British beauty, Sienna Miller. The Saturday's band member, who was once linked to Prince Harry, has one of the hottest female bands on the planet!

  • Marion Cotillard & Kat Dennings


    Image © KCS Press/Corbis

    She may easily be mistaken for Josh Groban's new girlfriend, Kat Dennings, but she's actually her coiffed lookalike, Marion Cotillard. The French actress is slated to star with Brad Pitt in an upcoming spy thriller. 

  • Marion Cotillard & Kat Dennings


    Image © Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

    This gorgeous gal is known for her films The 40-Year-Old Virgin and most recently, Thor, as well as for her role in the TV series Two Broke Girls. Nowadays Dennings can be seen arm-in-arm with musical heartthrob Josh Groban.

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  • Scarlett Johansson & Amber Heard


    Image © Brock Miller/Corbis

    If you watched her present at the 2015 Oscars, you would never believe Scarlett Johansson recently had a baby girl. There's something about her porcelain skin and blonde hair that bears resemblance to Johnny Depp's new lady, Amber Heard.

  • Scarlett Johansson & Amber Heard


    Image © Mario Anzuoini

    No that is not Scarlett on the arm of Johnny Depp. Co-stars Amber Heard and Depp met while on set for the 2011 film Rum Diaries.  


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