Kate Middleton’s Engagement Dress Sold Out – Again – Almost Instantly

issa phyllis wrap dressRemember a few days ago when we told you that Kate Middleton's famous Issa "Phylis" engagement dress was back for sale at Harvey Nichols? Well, they're gone now. All of them. Kate's engagement dress Version 2.0 sold out immediately.


The Kate Middleton effect lives on, my friends, and it's as strong as ever. Whatever she dons flies off the shelves immediately even if, in the case of the Phylis wrap dress, it's not exactly the same. The duchess's engagement dress was royal blue while the reissue was navy blue. Not that it matters! Fans didn't care about the color change, nor the price tag of nearly $900.

issa phyllis wrap dress

Womp womp! 

It happens again and again. The duchess shows up in an off-the-rack number, some sleuth reveals the source, and just like that, poof! It's sold out.

There was the cream Max Mara coat and the Alice Temperley boat-print dress Middleton wore in Portsmouth back in February. Zoom -- both flew off the racks like a flash. Same deal with a cute polka-dot ASOS maternity wrap dress, and this red Goat dress, and there was that time wearing a Madderson London dress caused their website to crash because they were unprepared for the insane demand.

Basically whenever the duchess makes a public appearance you'll either hear a stampede to the store where her outfit is sold, or you'll hear a chorus of groans when fans learn her frock is custom.

So what are you supposed to do if you love the look of Middleton? Plan ahead, I say. Put aside some cash in your Kate Savings account, set up a web alert for "Kate Middleton dress," and be ready to pounce. Because it sure doesn't look like anyone's getting tired of Kate's style any time soon!

Here's hoping they rerelease that engagement dress ...


Images via HarveyNichols/Twitter; HarveyNichols.com

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