Let's Just Say Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Are a Couple of Cheaters & Call It a Day

blake sheltonRemember those rumors that Miranda Lambert cheated on her husband? Well, it sounds like someone was trying to deflect some bad news of their own. Sources tell TMZ that Blake Shelton was the one who cheated on Lambert.


Supposedly Shelton hired a PR agency to smear Lambert ahead of accusations that he cheated with "a famous country singer." Meanwhile Lambert and the famous country singer she supposedly cheated with, Chris Young, are both denying any romantic involvement. And, of course, Shelton denies cheating on his wife because of course he does.

My goodness, things sure got ugly fast!

Want to hear more details about the split? A friend of Lambert tells People that she "wanted to make it work, maybe have more of a separation." A friend of Shelton tells them, "It was very clear that things weren't going to work out. So he decided to end it." Oh, but, "he still loves her very much." Yeah, we can tell from the smear campaign. 

Both sides say the question of starting a family did not play a role in their divorce.

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Lambert's friend also says she was disturbed by Shelton's obsession with celebrity. "He liked it, which isn't a negative thing, but it's just polar opposite to what she wants, which was frustrating. She didn't want to be part of that scene." And that actually does sound like a more plausible reason for the split. A difference in values and priorities can drive a wedge between any couple.

But these infidelity accusations are disappointing, aren't they? Why does it have to go there? Why does cheating have to play such an outsized role in a divorce? Why does there have to be a good guy and a bad guy in every split?

Ugh, these two. Maybe they should be a little more mysterious to the tabloids and channel all the dirt into their music instead.


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