Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Wants to Be a Mom -- Right Now

Khloe Kardashian is, hands down, Auntie of the Year to her four nieces and nephews, but new rumors out of the gossip gate claim that 31-year-old KoKo is planning a family of her own ... on her own.

Advertisement claims a Kardashian source squealed that Khloe wants to be a mom so badly she's willing to strike out on her own to make it happen. Recently she's been spotted getting cozy with NBA player James Harden, but Radar's source says the reality star is trying to decide between adoption or a sperm donor. She doesn't want to rely on anyone else to make her dreams of being a mom come true.

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If there's any truth to this story (and, honestly, I'm on the fence), this is one seriously brave move on Khloe's part. I think the youngest Kardashian sister would make an amazing mom, and I imagine she'd have a crazy amount of support from her family, but, whoa, that's a big step.

I'm also a bit skeptical, because Khloe sees how difficult it has been for Kourtney to essentially raise three kids on her own in the absence of hard-partying Scott Disick. Then again, maybe Kourt's strength has been an inspiration.

Either way, you do you, Khloe! You'll be a fabulous mom whether that happens in the immediate or distant future.


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