Kate Middleton Is Keeping George’s 2nd Birthday Party Small -- Yet Fit for a Prince

Save the clowns, amusement park rides, and fireworks for another birthday: Rumor has it Prince George's 2nd birthday party will be a very small, intimate affair -- and that key members of the family might not be there.


The initial plan was to reportedly throw the royal toddler a huge bash at Anmer Hall when he turns 2 on July 22. The details were never shared, but the assumption was that Kate Middleton and Prince William are trying to pamper George and make him feel special after the birth of Princess Charlotte, particularly because he may be feeling some serious sibling rivalry and jealousy at the moment.

But now we hear George will enjoy a small tea party at their country estate, a cake, and visits from Carole and Michael Middleton, a few friends, and his godparents. Prince Charles and Camilla will not be able to attend, Will may be working (he just started a new job as an East Anglian Air Ambulance helicopter pilot and probably doesn't want to take time off so soon), and we have no idea if great granny Elizabeth will make a guest appearance or whether Carole will just throw poison darts at her all day for passing some seriously mean comments about her daughter lately. 

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The most impressive thing about George's party is that Kate apparently planned the entire affair herself, perhaps with the help of her mom and sister, who are expert party planners. I've got to say: I'm on board with Kate's decision to turn this into a low-key celebration. George has many years ahead of him that will call for bigger parties (like when he starts school and begins making friends). And, given the added pressure Kate and Will have caring for an infant at home, keeping the focus on George and not on a million guests is smart.

Can't wait to see the adorable photos from their "intimate" tea party.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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