Miranda Lambert's Breakdown Onstage Clued Fans Into Divorce Before It Was Official (VIDEO)

miranda lambertWhen couples divorce, people often wonder: Did anyone see it coming? Well, fans of country singer Miranda Lambert probably got a hunch something was up when Lambert cried on stage two days before she and Blake Shelton announced their divorce.


Lambert was right in the middle of a performance in Wyoming, singing her song "The House That Built Me," when her tears started flowing. But to her credit, Lambert didn't just try to sweep this emotional moment under the rug. Instead, she took a break from singing and addressed the crowd.

"No one wants to cry in front of 19,000 people," Lambert said. "I think you know this song so will y'all sing it for me?"

And so they did, as Lambert continued wiping away her tears. A few fans caught it all on videotape; check it out below:

Won't take nothing but a memory, from the #housethatbuiltme #MirandaLambert â�¤ï¸ï¿½

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It's such a touching moment. Here she is, reeling from her divorce, not to mention the fact that within days, this news will be everywhere. It's almost as if she can't keep this awful secret to herself one moment longer, or the grief it's causing her. So, she's gonna let it out.

Yet although Lambert is clearly in turmoil, I love how she's willing to share this with her fans and allow them to support her during this tough time. It's as if her fans have become a massive shoulder to cry on and lean on. They let her know she is loved. 

Way to be there, fans.


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