Scott Disick Comparing Kourtney Kardashian to Her Momager Mother May Have Been the Last Straw

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were headed toward splitsville for some time for a whole bunch 'o reasons. But was this the final straw: Scott comparing Kourtney to her mother?!?


Sources tell that Kourtney and Scott's last argument went "explosive" when he compared her to Kris Jenner. Supposedly Scott was feeling neglected by Kourt and told her she was "a controlling shrew who was going to end up all alone after the kids had grown up." (How is being a controlling shrew neglectful? Oh never mind ...)

No woman relishes her significant other comparing her to her mother. No matter how amazing that mother is, you just don't do that. But with Kourtney, the comparison comes with extra barbs.

An insider claims there is a lot of resentment lingering in Kourtney against Kris, that her mother is still a source of pain and that she's been in therapy for years over it. In fact, "Kourtney has gone out of her way to not act like her controlling mom."

Scott must have surely known this, so comparing her to Kris would have been a cruel jab.

But would that really be enough to break them as a couple? Clearly Scott knew where to hit Kourtney to cause the most pain. Imagine that moment -- it takes her breath away and the shock jolts her into greater clarity. They're both miserable. She doesn't have to take this. It has to stop!

It's sad that Scott seems to be on some sort of downward spiral, and that he hasn't seen his kids for a month, and that his and Kourtney's relationship failed. But at least they're no longer torturing each other. Are you kind of relieved for them both?


Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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