Kristen Stewart's Transatlantic Flight Style Is Anything But Parisian (PHOTO)

The low-key star typically tries to fly under the radar as much as possible, so we were pretty thrilled to see Kristen Stewart snapped arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport earlier today.


What isn't so shocking is Kristen's choice of attire for her transatlantic flight from Los Angeles. The actress, who has been known to sport sneakers with haute couture gowns on red carpets, went denim on denim with a pair of black-and-white Adidas kicks.

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I'm totally down with Kristen's stretchy skinny jeans for a long flight (even if she was heading to the fashion capital of the world). The only accessory I really wish she'd kick once and for all is the heinous cigarette she looked to feverishly be puffing on outside of the airport. Tobacco does nothing good for your insides or outsides, lady. Get a patch, STAT.

I will also say that it's always super refreshing to see a celeb dressed like the rest of us for something as uncomfy as an 11-hour flight. Even in first class, that is a long time to be cramped up in a tube with 100 other people. Frankly, I don't know how the Kardashians do it with their heels and bodycon outfits. I'd be over it before takeoff.


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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