Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Split, Leaving Country Music Fans Singing the Blues on Twitter

miranda lambert blake shelton divorce Like something right out of a heartbreaking country song, married crooners Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are divorcing to the dismay of music fans everywhere. 


In the same way the Jennifer Garner–Ben Affleck split rocked America's idea of wedded bliss, distraught lovebirds who looked up to this celebrity couple are asking, "If they can't last, how can we??" Take a look:

Lambert and Shelton were married in Texas in 2011 after dating for six years. Fans who believed in their fairy-tale love affair are taking it pretty hard. 

In a statement, the pair said this isn't the future they envisioned. Apparently, the same holds true for their adoring public. 

It's affecting whole families now ...

While no one is citing an affair as the catalyst for the bust-up, this person may be on to something!

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Or is it really such awful news? Broken hearts often provide great inspiration. Always looking for the silver lining, some people are anticipating a Taylor Swift–style tell-all album or two. 

Maybe we'll gain some insight when their next records are released.


Image via Splash News

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