Robert Pattinson Mocks Us For Being Fascinated With His Love Life

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson is a fascinating man. Let's just admit it -- we are slightly infatuated with him and we cannot be blamed. He played a vampire, he's got that accent, he looks like that! Because of this, we want to know all about his love life. Every little detail. RPattz is keenly aware of this and is letting us know he's onto us. He revealed quite a bit in an interview Pattinson conducted with Jamie Bell.


We know all about what happened with Kristen Stewart. At least we think we do. We want to know more, more, and more about what is going on with lady love FKA twigs. And Pattinson (sort of) addresses this in this interview with Bell, one of the stars of Fantastic Four.

Wait a minute. What?

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Robert turned the tables and was the interviewer for Interview magazine. I love this feature in the mag. Not only do you get an interview with someone, but you inevitably end up learning more about the star doing the interview. Double the pleasure! Pattinson gets right to it when chatting for the interview.

"Let's not talk about any of your work. Let's only talk about your personal life. Your crack usage. Who are you f--king?" Pattinson asked. Can you just hear him saying this in that accent of his? With a bit of snark and humor? I know he's poking fun at our fascination with his love life and desire to know what kind of toilet paper he uses, but I can't help but love him more for this. He KNOWS! He KNOWS all about us! He NOTICED US! (I really don't need to know about his preferred TP brand. But I would like to know which way he likes to roll.)

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Okay. I'm no stalker fan. But there is a certain ease in his choice of words that I like. It makes me think that he's in a great place right now. A great place with FKA twigs, of course. Which totally must mean they are planning their wedding right now. (I'm kidding. Sort of. I mean, who knows but maybe!?!)


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