Rob Pattinson (Kinda, Sorta, Maybe) 'Photobombs' The Luckiest Girl Alive

Rob Pattinson is one of those celebrities who seems like he'd really rather not be a celebrity at all, but kind of just puts up with us all gawking at him ALL.THE.TIME. The most recent evidence of this? Rob photobombed some girl's photo, but it was definitely an accident and he definitely did not want to be there. It's still amazing, don't worry.


The lucky girl shared her photo on Twitter and claimed that she was taking a photo of her cousin blowing out her birthday candles, but I see holes all over this story. For example: Where's the birthday cake? Where's the cousin??

Whether or not this is actually a photobomb is, sure, a technicality, but still a valid point to argue. Since he's not really paying attention OR making a funny face, I think we can fairly retitle this "Rob Pattinson Accidentally Ends Up in the Back of Some Girl's Photo," or: "Some Girl Takes a Photo of Rob Pattinson." Can't you just feel the excitement leaking away?

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Well, anyway, Rob's "photobomb" happened at a tea room in Manchester. He was lunching with his parents, but he's in town with his fiancée/mega-babe Tahliah Barnett, who just completed a residency at the Old Granada Studios under her stage name, FKA twigs.

Apparently, when the restaurant realized that everyone else realized that Rob was there, they banned photos. But @butterflycakey snuck one in under the guise of a birthday photo. Ha! Take that, paparazzi!


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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