Kim Kardashian May Have Hired 2-Year-Old North West a 'Personal Trainer'

Kim Kardashian is on such a health kick that she is determined to ensure her 2-year-old daughter North West is raised with fitness goals. Rumor has it Kardashian hired a personal trainer for North who works with her a few times a week.


Now that Kardashian is pregnant, a source reportedly told Radar Online she wants to make sure her toddler's exercise routine isn't slacking -- so she is having one of the fitness experts who comes to her home (because of course Kim has more than one!) teach the little girl how to stretch and perform basic aerobics movements once or twice a week. Here's what the source reportedly had to say:

She wants her to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it's perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age.

Hmm. Something smells off about this one. First of all, there are plenty of toddler programs out there that get kids moving, stretching, and playing on gym equipment. The point of the programs is, of course, to encourage little ones to have fun, but it's also to get them moving and accustomed to exercise, which isn't a bad thing.

Given Kardashian's budget, fame, and the fact that she's pregnant and probably too tired to take North to mommy-and-me gym sessions, it isn't weird to think she hired someone to come into her home and provide some fun, light fitness for her. The words "personal trainer" are obviously thrown out there to make the whole thing sound intense and dramatic.

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Besides, even if Kardashian were concerned with North's health and wanted to make sure she developed a love of fitness, rather than for video games and TV, is that such a bad thing, assuming it's done in moderation?


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