Kendra Wilkinson Has Some Harsh Words for Hank Baskett Haters (PHOTO)

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Everybody deserves a second chance, right? Um ... right? That's definitely what Kendra Wilkinson believes when it comes to her not-quite-faithful husband, Hank Baskett -- even if she's not exactly in the majority with that rather generous opinion. Wilkson posted a spirited defense of her husband on Instagram Friday following an episode of Marriage Boot Camp that featured their costars calling their relationship a sham, and if she really believes what she said, then these two will probably stick it out for quite a while ...


Kendra looks typically lovely in this post (and Baskett, the dirty dog, looks good too), but what Kendra really wants you to pay attention to is the caption:

Ya heard that, haters?? "All the other 2 cents can kiss me ass." (Um, is Kendra moonlighting as a leprechaun??) Haha. Typos/bad grammar aside, Kendra's sentiment comes across crystal clear: She's standing by her man, and anybody who doesn't like it can choke on their Lucky Charms, for all she cares. 

Okay, well. If these two really are committed to working it out, and Baskett is really committed to not cheating on his wife anymore, then I guess we have no choice but to be happy for them. But there is the worry, of course, that Baskett will cheat again -- particularly considering his history (allegedly paying a transgender model for sex when Kendra was pregnant with his child -- TACKY!!). 

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As for what their Marriage Boot Camp costars had to say, it seems they feel that Kendra's naturally feisty personality is at odds with her stance as a benevolent font of forgiveness. Said Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino:

"We know the type of girl that Kendra is. If that story was real, she would've punched him in the motherf---ing face right in front of us."

Huh. He does sort of have a point there, but people change, right? And if Baskett can grow and evolve into a decent husband, then it's believable that Kendra would be a bit more chill at this point too, right? Right??

I guess time will tell. For now, at least Kendra and Hank are spending time together, hanging with their kids, ostensibly trying to make the happy family thing happen. Hopefully, it will!


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