Kim Kardashian 'Secretly Loved' Those Fake Pregnancy Rumors

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Remember back when Kim Kardashian (as her hormone-riddled alter ego, "Pregnant Keeks") went on that crazed (but totally justified) Twitter rant because she was so outraged over rumors that she was faking her second pregnancy? Well, those aforementioned hormones might be calming down a bit now that Mrs. West has moved into her second trimester, because now Kim has a very, very different perspective on that early gossip (which of course turned out to be very, very untrue).


First of all, the rumors -- which were basically that Kim was using a surrogate and would wear a fake bump for the duration of her faux pregnancy -- were pretty silly in the first place, considering how open Kim was about the difficulties she was having getting pregnant (sex with Kanye 500 times a day!). With such a precedent for full disclosure set, why wouldn't she have been honest about it if she did use a surrogate? But at first, Kim was definitely hurt by the whole thing (hence that Twitter rant, when she talked about wanting to "blast the shit outta" the haters). Now that she's hit the five-month mark, though? Pregnant Keeks is all good with the gossip, and then some:

Way to look at the bright side, girl! Seriously though, the emotional roller coaster that Kim is on right now is something any pregnant woman (or woman who's ever been pregnant) can relate to. We go from not wanting anyone to know we're pregnant because it's too early, to wanting everybody to know we're pregnant because we feel horrible and look weirdly bloated (but still not, like, pregnant pregnant), to laughing over the fact that anybody ever could have not known we were pregnant because, hello? We're HUGE. Granted, most of us don't go through this process on a massively public scale, but it's still a fairly normal struggle. 

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At least now the cat is out of the bag -- and the bump has popped! -- so Kim is free to ride out the rest of her pregnancy under the usual "how big is she gonna get?!" microscope all famous moms-to-be experience. Whether or not that's a good thing is up for debate, but at least it's familiar territory for Kim! (And for what it's worth, she looks great!)


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