Khloe Kardashian's Giggle Fest Slumber Party Elevates Her to Best Aunt Ever (VIDEO)

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While father-of-three Scott Disick is out doing who knows what with who knows who, Aunt Khloe came to the rescue to make sure Penelope (Scott's 3-year-old daughter) and North, 2, had the most fun girls' night ever. It's clear Khloe is stepping in to help out her sisters, and she's also making sure her nieces know how important family really is. Happiness? They have it. The proof is in their ever-contagious giggles.


Like a diamond �

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They watched The Book of Life. Bonded with their Auntie. And sang "diamond" over and over and over again. Giggles galore!

You have to agree -- the Kardashians know how to support their family. Right now Kourtney is going through some tough times after the scandal regarding Scott has come out. While we may not know all the details, we do know this -- he isn't with Kourt right now. He isn't home with his kids. Now I understand that this may be the deal they worked out right now, but Kourtney has three kids. Reign is just 7 months old. Penelope is 3. Mason, 5. That's a lot of little kids to run after. And so, it seems, Khloe planned an evening with little Miss P and her cousin North for a girls' night, Aunt Khloe–style.

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Perfect idea. All parents need a break now and then. Kourt definitely deserves one, and she probably needs some time to think. Even just taking one kid off her hands for a little while helps.

And the bonding between cousins is great, too.


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