Kim Kardashian's Makeup-Free Magazine Cover Gives New Meaning to Pregnancy 'Glow' (PHOTO)

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If there's one thing we love to see ("we" meaning non-famous people), it's celebs without makeup -- especially when it comes to notoriously glam stars like Kim Kardashian. I mean, you can pretty much count the moments we've seen Kim without full contouring and false lashes on one hand (and most of those moments have involved Kim crying or lying in a hospital bed). So everybody's naturally freaking out over Kim's makeup-free debut on the cover of Vogue Spain  -- and with good reason! 'Cause surprise, surprise: She looks gooooood.


Full disclosure: My usual reaction to celebs going "makeup-free" for photo shoots is one of bemused skepticism. I mean, for one thing, you can pretty much always spot a hint of mascara or a hint of lip gloss on the supposedly fresh-faced celeb; for another, does it matter if you're technically makeup-free now that Photoshop exists? Who needs cover-up when there's digital retouching? And in a sense, Kim's Vogue Spain cover is no different -- I can definitely see some mascara on those lashes, and her skin is suspiciously even-toned. But because of Kim's aforementioned commitment to being perfectly put together at all times, this cover is noteworthy because it represents such a radical departure from her usual style. Check it out:

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Dear lord, she looks even better than usual! I don't know if it's the lighting or the pregnancy glow, but Kim looks absolutely amazing in this shot (not to mention sort of thoughtful -- wise, even, as opposed to just straight-up sexy). It's definitely a look she should consider exploring on a more frequent basis, especially since -- as her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic pointed out to Vogue -- it's perfect for her life as a busy mom:

"This was the only time it literally took us a minute to prepare her face for a photo shoot!" he said. "She spends most of the day at home with her daughter without a drop of makeup, so she's used to it. [Her face] is just as amazing without makeup because Kim is glamorous."

Well, obviously that's true! But I'm honestly not sure about the "without a drop of makeup"-all-day-at-home part. (Remember how the girl freaked out when Kris Humphries made her wash her makeup off?) Somehow I doubt she's completely bare-faced at playdates, but who knows? (And with that rock on her finger, who would notice?)


Image via London Entertainment/Splash



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