Awesome Dad Brad Pitt Honors His Kids With Clever Tattoo

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As a mom with tattoos, I've always thought about getting inked with some sort of symbols or letters to represent my kids -- and now Brad Pitt has given me (and zillions of other parents like me) inspiration to do just that! Father-of-six Brad recently got a very permanent tribute to Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, 9, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 7 -- and he even managed to incorporate a shout-out to wife Angelina Jolie in the very same tat!




Brad Pitt's right forearm is now decked out with a cool split cell design featuring an "A" on one side and the initials of all his children's names on the other -- and with all those kids, that's a lot of letters! 

It's just one more sign of devotion from a famously devoted dad -- and one more tattoo from a famously, um, devoted tattoo fan with a penchant for meaningful designs (Pitt already has a line from a thirteenth-century poem by Rumi on his right arm, which reads, "There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there," as well as Jolie's birthdate on his torso). Jolie, for her part, has the locations of all her children's births on her upper left bicep and Pitt's birthplace under those. 

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I'm pretty impressed with both parents, personally, for finding such interesting and unexpected ways to honor their kids in ink. I mean, we see plenty of moms and dads getting straight-up names and/or initials, lots of little ink footprints, and sometimes even faces (though those rarely turn out well), but Pitt and Jolie have managed to find designs that are neither too obscure nor too obvious -- and that's a tricky balance to strike, tattoo-wise! Yet another parenting win from this couple, as far as I'm concerned.


Image via PictureLux/Splash News 

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