Video Shows Young Queen Elizabeth Giving Nazi Salute and the Royal Palace Isn't Happy (VIDEO)

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There's nothing quite as humiliating as home videos from when you were a kid, right? Those silly hairstyles, those embarrassing clothes your parents picked out for you ... those outdated Nazi salutes. Wait, what?? Yup, we said Nazi salutes -- and we're talking about home movies of Queen Elizabeth as a child. 


A recently leaked -- and highly controversial -- video shows a young Elizabeth (aged approximately 7 years) goofing around on the grounds of the family's Scottish retreat Balmoral with then-3-year-old sister Margaret, mother, and uncle, Prince Edward. It's mostly just standard backyard home-movie hijinks, until everybody starts saluting Hitler ... and then it's not even remotely standard backyard home-movie hijinks AT ALL:

Yeah, those are some Nazi salutes, all right. Naturally people are freaking out about the implications of this video: Was Queen Elizabeth a Nazi sympathizer? But the answer, at least to me, is obvious: No, she was a little kid. Her uncle, on the other hand, definitely was a Hitler fan, at least at that point -- Edward (who briefly became king) had "well-documented" ties to the Nazis and fascism. Which is admittedly horrifying, and probably worth examining from a historical point of view, but certainly not Elizabeth's fault. Meanwhile, the royal palace would prefer this video just disappear into the royal archives:

"It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from HM's personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner," a spokesman for the royal family told People magazine.

Well, yes and no. It's disappointing that anyone would ever think to place blame on someone for something they did when they were 7 years old (it's also worth noting that this video is thought to be from 1933 or 1934, long before most people really knew what Hitler was up to).

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But we can't sugarcoat history, either, and Edward had some serious issues. So it is sort of a useful piece of memorabilia to have, as a reminder of how complex the years leading up to World War II really were, and an example of how insidious the Nazi regime truly was -- kids were just thoughtlessly aping what they saw everyone else around them doing, and many of those kids grew up to commit horrible atrocities in Hitler's name. It's the kind of thing that could easily happen again, and you know what they say about history: Those who forget are doomed to repeat it. 

So we shouldn't pretend things like this never happened, but there's no reason to think any less of Queen Elizabeth, either.

Do you think Queen Elizabeth deserves to be blamed for this video?


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