Scott Disick Had a Bunch of Girls Over at His House Because He's Scott Disick

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Ain't no party like a Scott Disick party, 'cause a Scott Disick party don't stop -- like, ever. Even when it's a really, really inappropriate time to have a party, such as in the days following your split from the mother of your three children. Yes, apparently on Thursday the Lord Disick thew himself a housewarming party involving lots of girls in very little clothing ... and somebody (um, could it be Kourtney?) wasn't very happy.


According to TMZ, just one day after Kourtney let Scott back into their house to hang with the kids (while she was at the ESPYs supporting Caitlyn Jenner), the now-single dad threw a giant bash at his new bachelor pad where a steady supply of girls -- one of whom was wearing a bathrobe! -- streamed in and out the door, along with rapper Mally Mall. There were also people moving in giant paintings by artist Alec Monopoly, which run upward of $20K. (Whatever happened to bringing a nice potted plant as a housewarming gift?)

Also according to TMZ, Kourtney is pretty significantly ticked off about the whole thing and feels like he's "rubbing her nose in the breakup." Which I totally get. Kourtney isn't the most naturally trusting of people, and she's probably agonizing over how much contact the kids should have with Scott at this point, not to mention how reliable he's going to be in the future. So there she was, probably starting to maybe let her guard down a teensy, weensy bit because Scott did a good job watching the kids while she went out for the night, and BAM! Bring on the half-naked chicks in bathrobes! Classic Scott. Always thinking things through, that guy. No big leaps in personal growth at the Disick house just yet. 

Well, Kourt, I hate to say it, but this is probably what you're gonna have to deal with for a while if you want Scott to be in your kids' lives. It might even be what you have to deal with forever, though it's possible Scott will end up hitting some horrible rock bottom in a few years' time and actually clean up his act for good. Until then, though, Kourtney's only shot at staying sane is to try to ignore whatever Scott's doing when he's not with the kids -- which would be a lot easier if photographers didn't follow him around all the time, but still. 

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Scott definitely has some rough times ahead, and because of their kids, Kourtney will unfortunately have to experience those times by proxy, if nothing else. But at least she's used to that, and at least now she's free to move on!

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian will ever truly be able to move on from her relationship with Scott Disick?


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