Kris Jenner's Super-Sheer Top Has Us, Like, 'Wow'

With daughters like hers, it's really no wonder Kris Jenner keeps a fresh sense of style. So what's impressive about all that is that she always seems to pull it off, no matter what. Like last night, for example: Kris wore a totally sheer top to the Amazon Prime Summer Soiree, and you know what? She looked beyond fab.


I do not know who decided that see through clothes were going to be this year's thing, but the Kardashian sisters certainly claimed it as their own and have been rocking it hard all year.

So with six beautiful daughters as her style inspiration, it's really no wonder that Kris picked up on this trend, too:

I'm 100 percent sure that people are more than willing to call this a cry for attention, but it doesn't really feel like that to me. People (a.k.a. me) would be writing about Kris's clothes no matter what she wore, so she'd have to do something a lot crazier to really draw attention to herself.

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Also, it doesn't matter that she's 59 -- Kris has to keep up with the fashion world. They would slam her in a second for wearing something off-trend. And anyways, she's really wearing this one pretty conservatively, all things considered -- the high-waisted pants and blazer really help tone down the naked-ness of the rest of her.

So, you know, even though I would personally die if my mom wore this out with me (Mom, if you're reading this, do not take that as a challenge), Kris and the Jenners very obviously live a different kind of life than I do. 

I would call Kris's look brave, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to stay relevant in this world. Rock it, girlfrand. (Sorry.)


Image via Rachel Murray/Getty Images

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