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17 Celeb Couples Who Were Related On Screen, But Dated in Real Life (PHOTOS)

iam somerholder maggeSome actors aren't afraid to keep it all in the family -- their TV and movie family, that is. These celebrity lovebirds turned up the heat offscreen with their on-screen brothers, sisters, mothers, uncles, and dear old dads. Actors spend hours on film sets, getting to know each other both in and out of character, so it's no surprise when love blooms.

From hot Hollywood hookups to lengthy romances, check out which romances between on-screen relatives sizzled and which ones fizzled.


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1Lauren Graham & Peter Krause

Graham and Krause first met in 1995, but they didn't couple up until they started playing siblings on Parenthood in 2010. The show ended its run in 2015, but the lovebirds are still going strong.

2Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter

Carpenter and Hall starred as sister and adopted brother on Dexter. Their plot twists offscreen were just as dramatic. The couple eloped in 2008 and divorced two years later, all while filming their hit drama.

3Ian Somerhalder & Maggie Grace

Somerhalder and Grace went from TV stepsiblings to real-life lovers in 2006, after both of their Lost characters were killed off. They broke up after only a year.

8Emily VanCamp & Dave Annable

VanCamp's chemistry with yet another costar was so sizzling that the writers of Brothers and Sisters changed the show's plot so VanCamp and Annable (center) could hook up on-screen, too. Their characters started as half-siblings, found out they weren't related, got married, then later divorced.

15Maureen McCormick & Barry Williams

McCormick and Williams got hot and heavy while filming The Brady Bunch when she was 16 and he was 18, according to her memoir. Their on-screen alter egos, stepsiblings Marcia and Greg Brady, kept their hands to themselves.

17Matthew Broderick & Jennifer Grey

Broderick and Grey bickered on-screen as siblings in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but fell in love offscreen. Their romance ended soon after Broderick's car collided with another while they were on vacation in Ireland in 1987, killing two women. 

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