Daniel Radcliffe Works Undercover As an Office Receptionist & Boy, Is He Bad (VIDEO)

Daniel Radcliffe is a very talented actor, so may we kindly suggest that he keep his day job? Radcliffe went undercover as a receptionist at NYLON magazine recently, and he was a big fat fail at manning the front desk. But we have to love him for it, because it's all sorts of hilarious watching him freak out over spending an hour doing an entry-level job.


The Harry Potter actor struggled to manage deliveries, find bathroom keys, transfer calls, and more. The best part is how many people don't recognize him, which is actually an interesting commentary on its own about how little attention we give to the help sometimes.

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When he was recognized, he was a good sport, posing for selfies and whatnot and chatting with fans. I can't help but wonder if those in the know tried extra hard to make his job difficult just because they could.

Have you ever seen someone so seemingly capable struggle with everyday tasks like this? Then again, on-the-job training can be rough, man. I bet Radcliffe has a new appreciation for receptionists after this prank!


Image via NYLON Magazine/YouTube

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