'Friday Night Lights' Producer Comes Out on Instagram -- As Transphobic

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For most people, Caitlyn Jenner's acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs was a moving moment well deserving of a standing ovation. But not everyone found it inspiring: Friday Night Lights producer Peter Berg even made a meme criticizing Caitlyn's award.


Berg's meme, posted on Instagram, shows side-by-side shots of Jenner and U.S. Army veteran Gregory D. Gadson, who lost both his legs in a roadside bombing while serving in Operation Iraq Freedom. Gadson is currently a motivational speaker who appeared in Berg's film Battleship.

Clearly, Gadson is beyond brave. But does that really mean that Berg should compare/contrast him and Jenner in this nasty meme?


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Where do I start with what's wrong with this? For starters, Gadson wasn't even nominated for this award, so he couldn't have won it in his wildest dreams. As such, the whole premise behind this trans-phobic meme is just plain wrong and a flat-out lie.

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Second, I don't think it's fair AT ALL to compare the courage of a soldier who lost his legs to a man who "traded his balls for boobs." They're two totally different kinds of courage: Running into a battle zone where you could die is very brave, for sure, but so is changing your gender.

And clearly Berg doesn't understand or appreciate how hard it would be to tell all your friends and family and the world at large that the person they've known and admired all these years is, deep down, a woman instead of a man. Come on, Peter, that takes guts!

My take? Berg is just trying to drum up some publicity for his various projects. But now, I kinda don't want to see anything he's ever touched.


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