Kate Middleton's High-Heel Secret Is One We Can All Steal

We don't know how the Duchess of Cambridge does it -- any of it -- from representing her nation with poise and strength of character to dealing with the Queen's constant snarky comments to raising two small children and always looking flawless. Another duchess head-scratcher: how she manages to attend countless events in towering, gorgeous high heels without taking a royal tumble or killing her feet. There's finally an answer to that — Kate Middleton's high-heel secret has been revealed and I'm thrilled to report it's one we can all totally steal.


Remember when we watched Kate walk up a pebbly hill at Princess Charlotte's christening while wearing a cream dress suit and heels and pushing a heavy pram? She didn't miss a beat -- she even walked ahead of Prince William and little George on several occasions. Most women felt her pain -- but now we've learned there was little pain for her to feel, thanks to her high-heel secret weapon.

Kate has reportedly been using Alice Bow slip-in inner soles that fit right into her pumps, offer orthopaedic padding, and keep feet from slipping inside the shoe when she walks, which helps prevent blisters. These particular insoles are hand crafted in London using Italian colored leathers. If Kate is a fan, they must cost a million dollars each, right?

Nope. You guys, this adorable hot pink insole is just £13.90 -- about $22.

I wonder what the Queen will have to say about this -- maybe she'll call her the Royal Crybaby or some similar nasty nickname because of her inability to stand for long hours wearing inner sole–less heels. She should be tougher than that, right!?

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Urgh. Given the rumor that Kate has given up the super-cute wedges I loved seeing her wear (and that she apparently loved) because Queen Elizabeth doesn't deem them proper, I'm personally waiting for the day when the duchess emerges from her home wearing a bikini, wedges, and scandalous red lipstick. In the meantime, if she feels pressure to wear pumps everywhere she goes, I'm happy she's taking care of her feet.


Image via Splash News/alicebow.com

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