Siri Now Reminds You That Caitlyn Jenner's Name Is Not 'Bruce'

It has taken some of us quite a while to get used to using feminine pronouns to describe Caitlyn Jenner and to even refer to the former Olympian as "Caitlyn" instead of "Bruce." And that's okay -- she announced herself to the world in early June, and folks can't be blamed for forgetting sometimes -- but one device isn't as forgiving: your iPhone. Siri will now correct you if you say "Bruce Jenner" instead of "Caitlyn."


On the heels of accepting her Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at last night's ESPY awards, she and the rest of the iPhone-carrying world are finding out the device's AI has no patience for people who are not hip enough to the times to call Jenner by her new name.

If you ask Siri, "What's Bruce Jenner's real name?" here's the sassy response you'll receive: "Caitlyn Jenner's real name is Caitlyn Jenner." Ouch -- she told us!

Another interesting question Siri knows how to answer: "What gender is Bruce Jenner?" To which the familiar robotic voice will reply, "The answer is female." Apparently, Siri still can't answer basic questions about Jenner's family members or her Olympic gold medal -- nor is she capable of ever getting my address right or leading me home from places unknown -- but her pop culture knowledge is improving. Baby steps.

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If you are guilty of calling Caitlyn "Bruce" or saying "he" once in a while, cut yourself some slack. We met Caitlyn several years ago, and those of us who have watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians got to know her well as Bruce. In time, and with more attention placed on Caitlyn -- thanks in part to the upcoming docu-series I Am Cait -- few of us will make the same mistake again.

Siri will be sure of it.


Image via ACE/ News

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