Jill Duggar's 'Dillard Family Ministries' Accused of Being a Fake Charity

jill duggar and derick dillard

The Duggars' squeaky-clean image is just getting more questionable by the day. Take, for instance, the newest allegations that Jill and Derick Dillard's charity, 'Dillard Family Ministries,' is fake.


The Dillards recently left on a Christian mission trip and set up this charity to collect donations to their cause. The family's new website claims that their charity is officially recognized by the IRS.

Yet according to the Facebook site Duggar Family News, Dillard Family Ministries can't be found on the IRS site's list of tax-exempt charities. What gives?

While this certainly sounds fishy, it turns out the IRS is to blame: A rep there did confirm that Dillard Family Ministries is indeed a charity, but since it's so new it hasn't been put on their website just yet.

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So, it sounds like poor Jill is dealing with some undeserved bad publicity. Now that the Josh scandal is out there, it seems like people are digging for whatever possible dirt they can find, which is a shame since it seems like Jill and Derick seem to truly be trying to help people.

That said, although Duggar Family News has responded by saying, "It seems the Dillards are legit in that area," they do have one extra quibble: "My one concern that they didn't pick up is the ethical one. How can asking for money with no mission statement, no explanation about who you are serving and where, and how the money will be spent, ethical?"

So, it looks like the Dillards are largely in the clear, but they may still have some convincing to do before they're completely off the hook.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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