If Bethenny Frankel Isn't Dating Eric Stonestreet, She Better Start Now

eric stonestreet bethenny frankelAre we way too excited over this possibility? It appears that Bethenny Frankel may be dating actor Eric Stonestreet. You know, Cameron Tucker from Modern Family? Do we ever hope this rumor is true!


The two met sometime in April, and Stonestreet has reportedly visited Frankel in New York City and in the Hamptons. "They're seeing where it goes," a source told Us magazine.

"This is so dumb," a second source says. Aw gee, way to dampen our fun! "They are friends and have a lot of mutual friends in the same circle. They definitely are fond of each other and like each other but it’s not serious."

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Well, of course it's not serious. Frankel just broke up with financier boyfriend of one year Mac Cerussi in March. And it's only been two and a half years since her nasty split from husband Jason Hoppy. She should take things slow! That said ... we can think of a few reasons why Stonestreet could be good for Frankel.

1. Stonestreet is not another steely, chiseled mogul. Frankel seems to have a type, lately -- and we can understand the appeal! But these handsome moneymen aren't making her happy. Don't get me wrong. Stonestreet is adorable! But he's not, you know, THIS.

2. He's funny. He's got to be channeling a great sense of humor through his Modern Family character. And he used to do improv with Chicago's Second City.

3. He knows how to touch a woman's body. You can just tell by the way he handles this watermelon. (Just watching this makes me blush!)

Gonna spike this melon with some vodka. #Nc17

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4. He knows the difference between a bite and a kiss.

'A bite is not a kiss' starring my dog Coleman and featuring a squirrel dog toy that we'll call Bea.

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5. He works with Sofia Vergara day in, day out. So he's probably not easily intimidated by a sexy woman. And by the way, his former girlfriend, Katherine Tokarz, is pretty easy on the eyes, too. He's got this.

6. Maybe Frankel will eat around him. Look, if she wants to be that skinny, fine. We're just saying, maybe she needs to loosen up a little and enjoy some bona fide sugar and fat. Maybe even find out what a real, grown-up cocktail is supposed to taste like!

7. He's got his own thing going on. He's won two Emmys. Nice! 

But Eric? Just ... be careful with Bethenny. I think you know why.

Cam is a Maneater. @johnoatesofficial

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Images via Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com; Felipe Ramales / Splash News

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