Caitlyn Jenner Rocks a Tennis Skirt Like Nobody's Business in New 'I Am Cait' Promo

caitlyn jenner

A new teaser for I Am Cait has me smiling, giggling, and getting a little teary eyed. This is going to be the show to watch, and dare I say it may even surpass that other Kardashian show we're all addicted to? In this great Cait clip, Caitlyn Jenner is playing tennis in the cutest tennis skirt that shows off her incredible legs. And wait until you hear what Cait says about sports bras.


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We need to discuss Cait's legs for a moment. Those. Legs. Are. Incredible! We do have to remember that she has played sports for a great percentage of her life -- that training, especially in the younger years, sets up your body to have that kind of definition for years to come as long as you continue to stay active. I need to start working out retroactively. That works, right?! Clearly, Cait has worked out over the years. She really looks amazing in a short skirt like that. Remember, she's 65 years old. *whistles*

And because of tennis and some new developments, now she gets the whole sports bra thing. She also has a good laugh on how she is the authority on fashion. How funny is it that she picked out a dress that her ex had? All those women have such great style! You cannot escape it!

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We can't have a Cait clip without a bit of emo. The most heartfelt moment is when Cait is sitting with her mom talking. You hear Cait say how she is still the same person, and then there is her mom saying, "That's your soul." Cait repeats those words from her mom and says, "That's exactly right." What a moment. The future really is so bright.


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