Prince William's New Co-Pilot Is the Spitting Image of Kate Middleton

Prince William has a new job as a helicopter pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance service. If you have to leave your gorgeous wife and two cute children to go to work, I suppose there are worse things to have happen than this: Will's been paired with a co-pilot who looks like Kate Middleton -- and everyone is going nuts over their resemblance.


The Duke of Cambridge's co-worker is a doctor named Gemma Mullen. She's 33 (like Will) and an experienced medic whose resume includes flying on the London Air Ambulance. She will accompany Will on rescue missions. She also just so happens to have long chestnut hair, light eyes, and a bright smile -- check out her photo here. Sound like anyone Will already knows?

Will, who is referred to as Captain William Wales at work (best name ever), will work nine-and-a-half-hour shifts with a rotation of four days on, four off -- yes, with pretty Mullen by his side. He and his partner will be on call to help anyone who needs it -- from assisting people who are in car accidents to providing aid to a person who suffers a heart attack. 

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Naturally, some are questioning whether Kate is thrilled that her husband is working with a pretty woman who looks a bit like her while she is at home taking care of their two young children. I think it's important to note the obvious: Will has met lots of lovely women over the years -- from Taylor Swift to the entire England women's soccer team. He has had opportunities to date supermodels, actresses, whomever his royal heart desires. If a person is going to fool around, he's going to do so whether he works with a woman who is as gorgeous as his wife or not.

Kate has nothing to worry about -- Will's heart is with his family. Not to mention the fact that Mullen is a professional who I assume is really good at her job and only interested in her job.

This is little more than a funny and fun coincidence.


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