Caitlyn Jenner Makes It Perfectly Clear That Kris Jenner Is No Longer Family to Her

Well, this is a little awkward. Caitlyn Jenner will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs Wednesday night. She wants every member of her family there to support her -- with the exception of three women whom she no longer considers family. Ouch. Caitlyn doesn't want Kris Jenner at the ESPYs -- and neither does she want her two other ex-wives there, either.


Caitlyn will receive an overwhelming amount of encouragement and love from her children and family members at tonight's event, hosted by ESPN. Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, Brody, Burt, Cassandra, and Caitlyn's mother and sister are expected to attend. Rob Kardashian has been invited, but no one is sure whether he'll make an appearance given all of the controversy surrounding him lately, and son Brandon may skip it because his wife Leah is about to give birth.

But Caitlyn doesn't want in attendance her three ex-wives Kris Jenner, Linda Thompson, and Chrystie Crownover, none of whom she reportedly still considers family.

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The decision to give Caitlyn the Arthur Ashe Courage Award sparked debate, with one side arguing that her bravery in coming out as a transgender woman shows both enormous courage and self-acceptance, and the other side insisting the award is only being given to the reality TV star as a publicity stunt and that a figure more closely associated with sports would be more deserving of the honor.

The last thing Caitlyn needs tonight is the added pressure of facing her exes and having to deal with all of that drama. It isn't really surprising that Kris, Linda, and Chrystie haven't been invited -- we aren't even entirely sure where Caitlyn stands with them right now.

This is Caitlyn's night, and it makes sense that she wants to share it with the people she feels closest to -- in this case, her children, mother, and sibling.

Do you think Caitlyn should have invited her ex-wives (or at least Kris) to the ESPYs?


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