Cuddly Kanye West Body Pillow Makes Us Yearn for More Crazy Celebrity Accessories

kanye body pillowYou know when you see something you didn't even know you wanted -- and you just have to have it? Well, please allow me to show you this Kanye Body Pillow. I know, right? How can you even continue with your life without having this by your side? Why should Kim Kardashian be the only one?


The Kanye Body Pillow is the brilliant invention of the Brohaus Art Collective, whose Kickstarter goal is to place one of these pillows with Yeezus himself. Did I say brilliant? I meant perverse. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a less cuddly, comforting celebrity. Kanye? He's so prickly, so anxious, so high-strung! He's the opposite of comfort.

If you're going to go there, why not one of these other counterintuitive accessories? I want each and every one of these.

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Brandi Glanville Quilt. Hand-stitched with Real Housewives hair by her own personal staff, made from Eddie Cibrian's old T-shirts. 

Alec Baldwin Hand Warmers. Paparazzi can slip these cozy warmers into their gloves while stalking their favorite prey.

Katherine Heigl Snuggie. Just the thing to wear while watching Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up. (Aw man, is she really as difficult as everyone says she is? I have a hard time believing it.)

Shia LaBeouf Motivational Posters. JUST! DO IT!

Prince Sofa Throw. Purple, fuzzy, and made entirely of dyed baby panda pelts.

Hugh Grant Mufflers. For bitterly chilly mornings in London. Comes in Regretful Blue and Let Us Forget This Ever Happened Grey.

Karl Lagerfeld Plushie. Oh wait, those already exist ($475 from

karl lagerfeld plushie

Sean Penn Garden Gnome. Get that adorable scowl on your own front lawn. Perfect for threatening your children when they're naughty. 

I could do this all day! Kanye Body Pillow is just the beginning (stealing this idea, thanks). Etsy, here I come!


Images via The Brohaus Art Collective/Kickstarter,


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