Kim Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on New Baby Boy's Name

Ever since she announced her second child is a baby boy, the world has been speculating on what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name will be for their little guy, particularly after making such a splash with North West.


I mean, how can you top that name?

Well, Kim is quashing any notion that she'll be heading in another direction for baby No. 2, so don't get too attached to the name South West. But when she explained her reasoning to Shaquille O'Neal on his podcast, well, it sounded a little silly.

She said:

Why just add another direction? North is the best. I don't want to try to duplicate that with a lower direction, you know?

A lower direction? Oh dear.

Kim has the right to give her kid any name she wants and I applaud her for not going for the gimmick everyone wants to see by naming her son South West. The poor little dude would be a late-night talk show punchline before he even came out of the womb. But the "lower direction" thing? Let's just leave it at, "We're not naming him South," and be done with it!

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Of course, when you're asked the same question as often as Kim has been asked this one, you're bound to attempt putting a different spin on your answer. Sometimes you just can't win.

I, for one, am dying to know what moniker they're going to give this child. Rumor has it they're going with a more traditional name, but I can't see Kim and Kanye doing anything that's truly pedestrian.

Image via @gotpapTV/Splash News

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