This Newly Engaged Duggar Is Already Breaking All the Rules

It's official: We've got another Duggar wedding on the way! And to everyone's surprise, it's not Josiah. It's ... Amy?! Yep, the Duggars' black sheep of a cousin Amy Duggar announced her engagement to Dillon King.


The two took to Instagram to share the news ... and a photo of the ring. And it's GORGEEEEE. Check it out:

It's gonna be exciting to watch this one play out -- Amy is a little bit of a free spirit, and while we love that, Michelle and Jim Bob famously don't. She's already front-hugged and held hands with and (gasp!) kissed Dillon, so this is already a super unconventional wedding for the Duggars.

Maybe they'll skip the wedding in protest? Or do you think they love Amy enough to support her no matter what? Either way, it'll be interesting to see a Duggar wedding where the couple already knows how to kiss.

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Amy is the 28-year-old niece of Jim Bob and Michelle, and she's been the only one of the Duggar clan to roll her eyes at the Duggar rules. She's been dating Dillon for several months -- the two met last summer, and their relationship has already been tested. In January, Dillon was a part of a terrible car accident, and he's lucky to have his life.

He's even more lucky that he's well enough to walk Amy down the aisle. Both of them seem to realize this, and they seem crazily excited about their engagement.

And we gotta say, we are too. Congratulations to the couple! We can't wait to hear more.


Image via amyduggar/Instagram

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