The 5 Times Cool Girl Jennifer Lawrence Needed Help From ‘Badass’ Taylor Swift

There's no bad blood between these two! Jennifer Lawrence recently gushed about Taylor Swift and her "badass" ways, reminding us once again what a goddess the Grammy-winner is. I mean, if JLaw thinks you're cool, that's pretty much it, right?


Tay Tay made headlines a few weeks ago by writing an open letter to Apple on her Tumblr, asking them to reconsider their policy about not paying artists during their three-month trial period. The conglomerate changed their policy, thanks to her effort, and it didn't go unnoticed by her fans, including the Hunger Games actress.

At Comic-Con last Friday, Lawrence told Extra, "That letter that she wrote about Apple, I texted her and was like, 'Yous a badass bitch.'"

She continued, "She's awesome ... She's a lot more well-spoken than I am." Not that we couldn't imagine "Yous a badass bitch" rolling off Taylor's tongue ...

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Not that we'd change a thing about Jennifer Lawrence and her spontaneous, off-the-cuff remarks, but we can't help but wonder how many times she could have used some help from her badass friend Taylor.

Like when she gave archery tips:

Or that time she thought she saw a reality star:

When she let us know never to sneak up on her:

When she got a little too honest about how she learned to act:


And this moment that will live in Academy Award infamy:

Are you excited to find out that Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift are friends?


Image via taylorswift/Instagram

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