Prince William Calls Princess Charlotte a 'Joy,' but It Sounds Like George Is a Real Handful

Apparently even royal babies aren't saved from the weird but impossibly cute nicknames dads tend to give out: In an interview on Monday with The Telegraph, Prince William called Prince George "a little monkey" (ugh) and Princess Charlotte "a little joy of heaven" (double ugh).


Obviously, these nicknames are prime. This is all coming from a girl who grew up with weird forms of "bear" as a nickname (we're talking "Care-Bear," "Boo Boo Bear," etc.) and NONE of these are a compliment. 

I mean:

No way do I have a chance at normalcy now after growing up with that. Thanks, Dad. 

But "little joy of heaven"?! GIVE ME A BREAK. My life would be on such a different trajectory right now if that's the nickname I grew up with. 

"Little Monkey" seems more like code for "toddler nightmare who gets into everything," but what kind of 2-year-old would George be if he wasn't at least a little terrifying? 

Anyways, he's so stinking cute it hardly even matters. 

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The whole family is so precious, and we love getting these glimpses into their life at home. It makes them so much more real, ya know?

Prince William starts back up with work this week -- he'll be an air ambulance pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance. That means nine hour days away from his three babies at home (I'm including Kate in that count), which isn't easy for any family, no matter how royal they are.


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