Prince George's 2nd Birthday Celebration Will Be Fit for a Little King

What do you get the toddler who has (no exaggeration) every single thing his heart desires? If you're Kate Middleton, you throw Prince George a 2nd birthday party so grand he'll never forget it. Except he will, because he's turning two.


As you may have heard, the adorable prince has been royally jealous of his new sister Charlotte and isn't too thrilled about having to share precious mommy-and-daddy time with the infant. Given the many photos showing Kate and George frolicking in the park, it seems like she's trying her best to address his needs -- so it comes as no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Will want to make their big boy feel as special as possible when he turns 2 on July 22.

Sources say they are planning a huge birthday party at Anmer Hall and that it will be very different from the modest tea party affair they held for his first birthday. Rumor has it the reason they want to go big or go home this year has everything to do with George's envy and that they want him to feel special.

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I buy that second part -- who doesn't want to make their toddler happy? But the royal couple seem a little too levelheaded to go and make decisions based on what will turn out to be just a normal phase in George's childhood.

Speaking from experience, I certainly hope they do not throw him a huge party with 12 ponies and carnival rides and expect that he won't still throw a raging tantrum the second Kate tells him she can't ride the Ferris wheel with him that second because she has to change Charlotte's diaper. With a toddler, that's bound to happen.


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