Scott Disick's Run on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Might Not Be Over After All

Scott Disick

Good Lord Disick, I hope this isn't true. It's currently being reported that even though Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick broke up, Kris Jenner still wants Scott on the show.  


According to Hollywood Life, Mama Jenner is hoping that, despite the fact that he was caught cuddling his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney won't sever all ties with Scott so he can continue to appear on the show. Evidently he's good for ratings, and if there's one thing Kris doesn't want to mess with, it's her family's ever-growing empire.

A source told the gossip site, "Kris doesn’t want Kourtney to completely cut off all ties with Scott. She thinks it wouldn’t make business sense for them to lose Scott on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, because of the added dynamic he brings to the show."

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Really? Really? I'm going to give Kris the benefit of the doubt here and assume that this isn't true. To want her daughter to stay with someone who clearly needs help and isn't good for her simply because he has something to add to their reality show is crazy. Also: Do people even like Scott anymore?

Shortly after it was announced that Kourtney and Scott split up, fans started rallying against the self-proclaimed Lord on Instagram, telling him to "go home" and schooling him on what a mistake he made. Clearly if people are taking sides here, they're sticking with Kourtney. 

If Kris Jenner does in fact want Disick to remain on KUWTK, it's likely that she's not the only one. Scott, more than likely, wants to stay on the show as well, because, well, who the heck knew or cared about him before Kourtney and her family's show?

Bad move, Disick. Seriously bad move.

Do think Scott should return to KUWTK?

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