New Signs Show How Difficult Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's Divorce Really Is

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Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were seen wearing their wedding rings almost two weeks after announcing their divorce. This is quite symbolic and a testament to the bond they have for each other, and it also leads me to believe there wasn't a third party involved in their split. New developments are revealing just how difficult this breakup is -- and how complicated.


If a couple is ending their marriage and there is a lot of anger, I would guess that the couple removes their wedding rings. It's a constant reminder of the love you have for the other person, right there on your finger. Sure, after 10 years of marriage maybe Ben and Jen grew so used to wearing it that they didn't notice it that much, but during the times of stress and divorce discussions, I would bet that their eyes focused on that symbol of their bond. A bond that clearly hasn't been fully broken. It may never be because of how committed they are to their children.

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Jen was seen wearing her wedding ring in Atlanta, Georgia, when she went out to get coffee. Garner is staying there with the kids as she films a movie. Ben was there also. He left, though, to head to California to make an appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con. It was during his panel discussion that Ben was seen wearing his ring.

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be in the public eye while going through a divorce. When I was first navigating my own divorce, I didn't want to leave the house -- didn't want to talk to anyone. And I didn't wear my wedding ring anymore. Neither did my ex. I would, however, notice my bare ring finger every day.

Divorce is difficult no matter what.

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While they vacationed together as a family (because they are that evolved and dedicated to making sure their kids know they are still very much a family), onlookers noticed that Ben seemed sad. A source said:

Ben was picking strands of grass out of the ground and he had a hard time looking at Jen. He was rubbing his eyes and seemed very upset.

They sat there for about two minutes in complete silence. Then they said a few words but looked away again.

This split seems to have so many feelings involved. It seems almost as if they both didn't want this to happen, and there is a lot of uncertainty. It shows how much they really do care about each other and are trying to figure out how to be together, while not being together.

They will heal. It will take time.

What do you think of Ben and Jen still wearing their wedding rings?


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