Jessica Simpson's Latest Pic Proves She's in the Best Shape of Her Life (PHOTO)

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Wow, Jessica Simpson's got legs -- and she knows how to use them! (And by "use" them, we mean show them off on Instagram!) The 35-year-old singer/businesswoman's body has been the subject of much scrutiny over the years, with way too many mean-spirited critics making way too big a deal over her ability to shed post-baby pounds. But now that Simpson's kids are getting a little bigger (daughter Maxwell is 3 and son Ace is 2), Mama's got some time to work out -- and shove her success right in those cranky critics' faces.


Case in point: While hanging on the beach with her pals Lauren Harrison and Stephanie Pearson, Simpson struck an "In your face, haters!" pose that showed off her ridiculously toned legs -- and we mean ridiculously toned:

I love these vacation babes @laurenz422 @stepheniepearson

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How gorgeous are those gams?! And how exactly did she get them to look like that? A gal doesn't get legs like that just chasing her toddlers around the park, after all. Apparently it's all due to the ongoing support of Simpson's trainer Harley Pasternak, who puts the star through a regime of single leg deadlifts and "Sumo squats" four to five days a week for 45 minutes per session.

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Well, sure, that would do it. And the best part is, that doesn't even seem like too insane an amount of effort, either! I mean, 45 minutes a day for 4 days out of the week beats 2 to 3 hours in a gym every single morning (which is what so many fit celebs do, or so they say). Not that the average busy mom can find 45 minutes in the average busy day to devote to toning up her thighs, but still. 

After all the mean comments and nasty jokes about the "excessive" amount of weight Jessica Simpson gained with her babies, I'm just happy to see that she's in a place where nobody can say one goddamn negative thing about her body. Not that any of the criticism is valid -- Simpson is gorgeous at any weight -- but still. You show 'em, girl!

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