Prince Philip Curses at Photographer & Prince William Has Best Reaction (VIDEO)

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When we think of the royals -- especially the older royals -- we think prim and proper. Cheerio! When thinking of Prince Harry, though, we know he's a bit more wild and carefree. But Prince Philip? Not so much. As it turns out, Prince Philip is a bit of a firecracker who dropped the F-bomb during a photo shoot. Prince William could barely contain his laughter.


Prince Philip uses the f-word at RAF club as Battle of Britain group photo is taken

Posted by Channel 5 News on Friday, July 10, 2015

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This F-bomb was dropped at a reception to honor the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Six surviving members of the Royal Air Force, along with Prince William and 94-year-old Prince Philip, were posing for the photos at the RAF Club. Apparently there was some fuss over the setup, and that's when the potty-mouthed Prince said, "Just take the f*&king picture!"

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This is Prince William's grandfather. And I think we can all agree that there is something incredibly funny about an ol' grandpa cursing and losing his cool. Is he ornery? Maybe. Will really wants to laugh, but he can't because he's royal and royals never chuckle. (At least not at the royal gramps in front of the camera.) So we can all laugh for Will. And at his priceless reaction.

It must be the talk of the castle.

How much do you think the royals really lose their cool and curse?

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