'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Trailer: 5 Craziest Moments (VIDEO)

rick grimes

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is still months away (October 11), but at least we can comfort ourselves with a brand-new trailer! AMC introduced the preview at Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday, and in case you were worried about the series moving away from the action-packed pace of last season and getting all slow and introspective again? Um, yeah. Not gonna happen.


What IS gonna happen? Well, from the looks of it, Rick's gonna keep getting crazier (yay! We love crazy Rick!), Daryl's gonna keep perfecting his indie-rocker hairdo, Carol's gonna keep wearing pastel cardigans (girl, you're not fooling anybody with those PTA lady clothes!) and Michonne's gonna keep on beheading zombies with the greatest of ease. But not everything will be the same -- there are definitely some changes on the way, too. Here are 5 moments in the trailer that had us going, "Wait, whaaaa?!"

 1. Rick Runs ... Somewhere

rick grimes

Where you going there, Rick? Looks like you're trying to get somewhere fast. Plus, you're pretty pissed off. And already pretty bloody. Whoever it is you're looking for, they better run! CARRRRLLL!

2. Everybody Has a Lovely Visit in a Nice House

walking dead

Oh, just another Sunday afternoon get-together with all the neighbors! Did anybody remember to bring mimosas? What's on the agenda today, the community garden? Uh, NOPE, 'cause Rick is gonna mess all y'all UP.

3. Rick and Daryl Have a Disagreement

rick grimes, daryl nixon

Whoa, look at that body language! "Well, this is how it's gonna be." "Well, I don't like it." "Well, that ain't my problem." "Well, how 'bout you step away from my bike." Seriously, I'm worried about a potential Rick/Daryl rift this season ... but why are they at odds?

4. Morgan Is Up to Something

morgan walking dead

You know, at first I was happy about Morgan coming back. 'Cause he didn't seem batsh*t crazy anymore, and he's all Mr. Jedi Knight now and, hey, the gang could use a Jedi! Except now it looks like he wants to usurp Rick's well-deserved throne, and that ain't cool. Haha, silly Morgan. YOU GONNA DIE.

5. Maggie and That Guy Nobody Likes Do Their Best Zombie Impressions in a Big Drainpipe

maggie walking dead

Clearly that's the only explanation for this shot.

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Lots of food for thought, huh? And of course there were plenty of other mysterious, heart-stopping moments -- see them all right here:

What do you think was the craziest moment in this Season 6 Walking Dead trailer?


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