New Car Crash Footage Must Be Distressing To Caitlyn Jenner (VIDEO)

Caitlyn Jenner in SUV

Caitlyn Jenner has been trying to live life to the fullest since debuting herself to the world as a transgender woman in May, but new surveillance footage of her February 2015 car crash could plague the reality TV star.


In the video obtained by Entertainment Tonight it at least appears as though Jenner's black Cadillac Escalade hits not one but two cars -- a white Lexus driven by Kim Howe, who died in the accident, and a black Prius driven by Jessica Steindorff.

The footage was provided to investigators by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority. It was reportedly picked up by cameras installed on a passing public bus.

Jenner's attorney Philip Boesch said in a statement:

As part of a reasonable investigation, we have seen parts of an MTA bus video, and when all of the photographic and video evidence of this tragic accident, and all available witness information, is made available to us, we will be in a better position to make fair comments.

The footage could prove who is at fault in the crash, which has been a matter of speculation for the past five months.

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Howe's stepchildren are showing no mercy for Jenner, whom they've filed a wrongful death suit against. After the release of the MTA footage, their lawyers released this statement:

This video shows an aspect of reality that Ms. Jenner continues to deny. Our clients are moving forward with this lawsuit to give a voice to Kim Howe who was killed as a result of Ms. Jenner's actions. Ms. Jenner has failed to appear for her noticed deposition, so we are surprised to hear that she intends to cooperate in every way possible with this investigation. We encourage Ms. Jenner to be that role model that she seeks to be. That means accepting responsibility for what she has done.

Those are some pretty cutting words directed at Jenner. I'm not a lawyer -- nor have I ever, thankfully, been in the shoes of someone who has lost a loved one as the result of a tragic accident such as this, but it feels as though the public barbs should at least hold off until the investigation is over. Unfortunately accidents can happen to, and be caused by, anyone, so let's allow investigators to do their jobs before we start attacking another person's character. We're all imperfect people.

What do you think of the surveillance footage?

Image via 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

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