1999 Book Written By Bill Cosby Tells Us Everything We Need to Know (PHOTO)

Oh geez. Just when you thought the Bill Cosby sexual abuse scandal couldn't get any more warped, we've come across this 1999 confessional involving Cosby's "big lie."


We just learned earlier this week that the Cosby Show star testified in 2005 to drugging women with Quaaludes for the purpose of having sex with them. Over two dozen women have accused him of sexual assault, with victims as young as 15 or 16 years old.

But how could someone that famous keep such a big scandal under wraps? Thanks to the unearthed confessional of sorts from Bill Cosby in 1999, we now know that it began the way most big messes get started -- with one little lie.

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Before you know it, one lie turns into another, and another, and another, until it's a quagmire and your bust is removed from Disney World's Hollywood Studios.

Take a look at this damning evidence:

OK, so it's not exactly going to be entered in court as evidence, but dang -- can you believe this exists? It's kind of ballsy to write a children's book about honesty if you've given women sedatives to have sex with them.

But I guess when it all starts with one little lie ... it's easy to get caught up in a major scandal without even thinking about it. After all, no one starts out wanting to be a bad person.

Can you believe this book exists?


Image via Splash News

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