Caitlyn Jenner Is Said To Be Concerned About Kylie’s Relationship with Tyga

Daddy's little girl will always be daddy's little girl. Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly worried about Kylie after rumors surfaced that her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga is cheating on the 17-year-old with a transgender model.


The rapper was accused of sexting nude photos of himself to a transgender model named Mia Isabella — something he has denied doing. According to Tyga's attorney, the explicit photos were indeed of him, but someone else somehow got hold of them and texted them to Isabella. The photos were posted on B. Scott's blog, where the claim was also made that Tyga and Isabella have been secretly dating for three years.

A secret relationship for three whole years — in this day and age!? Right. Anyway, given the fact that Tyga is involved with one of the most famous teens (and families) in America, it's plausible someone is trying to make a fool out him, particularly given the fact that quite a few folks (cough, his ex Blac Chyna) think his relationship with a much-younger Kylie is inappropriate.

Regardless, Caitlyn is naturally going to defend her daughter and have her best interests at heart — and I'm sure the thought of your teen's boyfriend taking photos of his erect penis isn't every dad's dream come true, even if he didn't send them to Isabella. A source reportedly told Caitlyn is concerned that Tyga is manipulating Kylie and that she believes he's a smooth talker who is going to hurt her little girl.

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The 65-year-old former Olympian is reportedly trying to be as understanding as possible (because parents know their kid is just going to pursue someone with even more passion if she feels he is forbidden fruit). But she also reportedly wants Tyga to be honest if he is in a relationship with Isabella and exhibit the same courage she did while transitioning in public. Lofty goals, but I'm with you, Caitlyn.

I really don't know how much of this I buy. How could Tyga honestly get away with having a secret relationship for three years and, if true, why would Isabella suddenly decide to expose him? As for Caitlyn and her concern for Kylie — well, that's a lot more understandable, but simply because Tyga is a lot older than her and in a different place in his life. At the end of the day, Kylie's only 17. While she probably feels like she has everything figured out, she still needs guidance from her mom and dad.

Do you think Caitlyn has a reason to be concerned for Kylie?


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