'Duck Dynasty' Star Korie Robertson's Answer to 'Family Feud' Question Makes Her Husband Look Like a Frat Boy

God bless funny contestants on this gameshow. The Duck Dynasty team recently competed on a celebrity version of Family Feud, and Korie Robertson did not miss an opportunity to give us a little bit of insight into her sex life with Willie Robertson.


Korie and Willie were competing alongside their son Luke Robertson and their daughters Sadie and Rebecca Robertson against Mike & Molly star Katy Mixon and her family, hoping to raise money for Urban Ministries charity.

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Host Steve Harvey set up the question, reminding Korie that her lead in the game could be short-lived. He asked, "Korie, we got two strikes, gotta be careful -- the Mixon family can steal. We need this one. We asked 100 married men, 'Name something of your wife's you might be holding in your hand?'"

Take a look to see Korie's hilarious answer and her hubby's shocked expression!


Doesn't that just say it all? Hey -- they may have more than 20 years of marriage behind them, but Korie's answer proves that they still got it! Why else would that be the first place her mind went to?

Of course what I'm dying to know is if she made the board. I guess we'll have to wait until the show airs on ABC on Sunday, July 12.

What do you think of Korie's answer?


Image via ABC

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