Kate Middleton's 'Normal' Play Date With Prince George Makes Us Love Her Even More

It isn't easy becoming a mom for the second (or third, or fourth) time -- especially if you already have a toddler at home who isn't keen on competing for your attention. Kate Middleton doted on Prince George at the park recently by spending quality one-on-one time with him and dressing the part. The duchess looked like a beautiful, normal mom hanging with her little guy, and we love her even more for it.


Middleton, 33, gave birth to Princess Charlotte on May 2, which means the last few weeks have likely been a whirlwind of activity, sleepless nights, and attempts to curb big brother George's sibling rivalry and make him understand that he now has to share everything — including his mom and dad — with the adorable little girl.

The toddler, who will turn 2 on July 22, has been craving mommy time, according to sources, which is totally to be expected since he was used to having Kate all to himself until the arrival of the littlest princess. The awesome thing about Kate is that she is laid back enough to leave her newborn in the care of a nanny or Will or maybe her own mom Carole and turn her attention to George.

On this particular outing, in which she was spotted wearing jeans and a tucked-out plaid shirt (with her gorgeous hair in a loose bun that will look familiar to moms everywhere), Kate took George to Snettisham Park in Norfolk, where he ran around pushing a child-size toy car. Check out the adorable photos here.

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Right before Charlotte's birth, Kate wisely took George to a petting zoo to spend quality time with him before the most hectic, happy period of their lives was set to take place. And, when Prince Will and Prince Harry took part in a polo event at Beaufort Polo Club, Kate and George were spotted playing in the grass, where Kate wasn't afraid to let her boy get his hands dirty.

Few women are more capable than Kate of effortlessly transitioning from casual mom to elegant duchess in a matter of seconds, but it's lovely to see how little she cares whether paparazzi catch her looking "normal." It just makes her even more beautiful.

What do you think about Kate's normal mom look?


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