Kylie Jenner's Obsession With Being Kim Kardashian's Twin Comes at a Huge Price

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It's not exactly groundbreaking news that Kylie Jenner looks significantly different now from how she did a few years ago. This partially can be attributed to simply growing up, but the other part? Well, Kylie's had a little help. She has admitted to having lip fillers in order to get a more pillowy pucker, and some people suspect that little Kylie has done a lot more than just that. 


It's been reported numerous times that the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is on a mission to look like Kim. And now OK! magazine is claiming that Kylie forked over $2 million to transform herself into her older sister! What?!

A source told the magazine that Kylie has always been insecure about her looks and often felt like "the ugly duckling" (insane!) compared to her beautiful sisters. Apparently, she knew that she wanted plastic surgery for a long time and "as soon as she was old enough, she started hounding Kris until she signed off on her surgery."

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Even crazier, though, is that this supposed source also claims that Kylie is now under the impression that she and Kim are rivals. "She wants to show off her body and always talks about how Kim must be so jealous, because she’s younger and prettier and gets more attention from guys these days," the insider revealed. Kim, however, doesn't care. She reportedly thinks it's cute that her younger sis idolizes her so much. 

While it's impossible to ignore the fact that Kylie looks much different than she used to -- and eerily similar to Kim -- it would be pretty insane if she did go as far as to spend $2 million. That's nuts! But, if she did? Well, it's her life, her money, and she can spend it how she wants to. 

Do you think Kylie spent $2 million?

Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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