Kate Middleton Looks Stunning in Red Dress at Wimbledon but Something Is Off

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Just after the beautiful christening of their second child, Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William were at Wimbledon to root for Andy Murray. Kate, of course, wore something gorgeous -- a red dress by L.K. Bennett. Her hair was as shiny as ever, but I couldn't help but notice something else about her.


Kate seemed a bit tired.

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Gorgeous. But tired. I've had people notice when I was tired before, and I will admit that it's not what any mom wants to hear. No kidding, I'm tired! I'm a mom. I've got a lot of things to do/worry about/and do again and again. So I sympathize. Kate is just settling into being a mom of two kids. Their naps probably don't sync up, and who knows how much sleep she is actually getting each night. To be able to step out in this red dress was the best idea.

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Red, this ravishing color, sets a rosy hue on her face. We can say that it illuminates the already illuminating princess. It's a showstopping color, that is for sure. And so Kate did well in putting this on to perk up for her date out with her husband. Put on something pretty and you will feel pretty. The Beckhams were there, too. (Has to feel good to see them!) Along with Bear Grylls and Sophie Wessex and Prince Albert of Monaco. All taking in tennis, which is said to be one of Kate's favorite sports. So, Kate was able to do something she loves, with cool people, in a gorgeous dress. Tired? So what.

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Kate and Will were applauded when they got to their seats and while I know it's because they are royalty, Kate deserves a round of applause for being such a great mom and doing the best she can while also making a little time for herself and her husband. That tired look on her face? Absolutely as beautiful as her dress.

Do you think Kate seems tired? Good choice to wear red, wasn't it?


Images via Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/Corbis

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