All The Times Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana’s Style

Michele Zipp | Jul 10, 2015 Celebrities
All The Times Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana’s Style
Image: Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool/Splash News

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Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool/Splash News

There is something about Kate Middleton's sweet demeanor that reminds us of Princess Diana. Sort of shy but with a magnetic quality can be used to describe both the Duchess of Cambridge and her late mother-in-law, so it's no wonder Kate stole the heart of Prince William. It's an honor to be compared to the elegant Diana, and we just love to see how Kate seems to carry on her very stylish ways. Even someone as stylish as Miss Middleton needs a little inspiration sometimes!

Now, obviously, Kate hasn't needed a revenge dress like Diana is so famously known for, but the late princess had so many other fashionably moments for the duchess to choose from. Everything from evening gowns to daywear, Diana mastered it all. And Kate is on her way to mastering these as well -- all thanks to her mother-in-law.

Of course, Kate has a style of her own that we know and love, but sometimes she opts for a blast from the past and gives us just subtle hints of Diana in her outfits. 

There are many times it seemed that Kate was directly channeling Diana's sense of style, and this collection of photos shows exactly that. Take a look at the beautiful and elegant similarities that Kate and Diana share -- they are just too sweet!

Do you think Kate is channeling Princess Diana's style?

  • Kate in white.


    Image via Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool

    It's not just that Kate wears white -- a color we had often seen Princess Diana in -- but it's also the way she looks at her children, her stance, her demeanor. Such grace.

  • White on Diana.


    Image via NY Post/Splash News

    There is something so elegant about a white skirt suit. Both Kate and Diana look so lovely in the color.

  • Very feminine.


    Image via Splash News

    I love this dress on Kate -- it's really the perfect dress to wear just after having a baby. This is from when she had Prince George. It's darling and is very much like something Diana would wear.

  • Feminine flair.


    Image via Corbis/Splash News

    Both women seem to have a similar body type -- tall and fit. And I think that's part of the reason clothes seem to fit their bodies in the same way. This very pretty dress worn by Diana has that feminine flair of a similar dress worn by Kate.

  • Elegant blue gown.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash

    This elegant gown has a wide neckline and shows off a bit of Kate's shoulders. It's a simple gown -- and on Kate it looks extra amazing.

  • Gorgeous in blue.


    Image via Corbis/Splash News

    Kate's gown has the same feel as this one worn by Diana. Simple yet elegant, making both women look totally stunning.

  • Red coats.


    Image via Weir Photos/Splash News

    Kate looks gorgeous in bright red, and with this coat's collar and contrast buttons, you might think it's the same coat Diana had but a little updated.

  • Red coat double take.


    Image via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News

    It's so much the same, isn't it? I love it on both women.

  • Stately in plaid.


    Image via Matt Keeble/Splash News

    While Kate went a little more subdued in her choice of plaid -- just a skirt -- Diana once wore a whole lot of the print.

  • Diana's take on plaid.


    Image via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News

    It was certainly a different time with different styles, but plaid is something you can wear just about any time -- no matter what. I love Diana's plaid coat. It would look great on Kate, too.

  • Bold contrast.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate's color-blocking outfit is mature enough for a meeting with fancy people, but it is also quite a bit of fun. Princess Diana most likely felt the same way.

  • Black-and-white contrast.


    Image via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News

    Black and white will forever look good together -- and while Diana certainly has a very '80s style here, she is still super glamorous.

  • Hollywood glam.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    A princess has to be able to mingle with everyone -- and Kate fits in so well whether it's on a red carpet or with kids at a school. But we're dazzled with her flawless ability to look so glamorous in this sparkly dress. Movie star or princess?

  • Equally glamorous.


    Image via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News

    Princess Diana had a fondness for sparkly Hollywood-style dresses, too. Something, no doubt, Kate had taken notice of when admiring her children's grandmother.

  • Kate, the sweetheart.


    Image via James Whatling/Corbis/Pool

    A sweetheart neckline is very flattering -- something Kate must have also noticed when looking at old photos of Princess Diana. I love this dress on her and it very much reminds me of something Diana once wore.

  • Sweetheart neckline.


    Image via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News

    This off-the-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline is beautiful on Lady Diana -- fit for a princess.

  • Bringing Home Baby


    This particular post-labor outfit got a lot of attention because of its striking similarity to one that Princess Diana wore.

  • The Lindo Wing


    The resemblance is amazing!


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