Chrissy Teigen Showcases John Legend's Best Asset on Instagram (PHOTO)

john legend chrissy teigenModel Chrissy Teigen made my Tuesday night, you guys. She posted another Instagram-taunting naked photo, but this time it wasn't of her. Nope, this time Teigen posted a nude photo of her husband, John Legend. Thank you, Chrissy!


You don't mind if I ogle a little bit, do you? I mean, you knew that's what we'd be doing once you released The Legend's Bottom on Instagram. Also: Bless you.

Yes, it's his bottom. Teigen stealthily photographed her husband while he literally had his back turned on her, and she even moved her own knee strategically to obscure any parts Instagram might deem too manly. (It looks like she took the photo while reclining on a bed.)


A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

Note that there's no copy except, "@Instagram." Like, psst, Instagram censors, take a look! Teigen has been pushing the "no-nipple" policy of the platform and appears to be taking a different tact here.

But is this really about Instagram? Me thinks not. Wait, let me take another look just to be sure. Okay, no, I don't think this is just about Instagram censors. 

This is Chrissy seeing that Justin Bieber badonkadonk photo posted earlier and saying, "I'll see your Bieber butt and raise you one MAN ASS, thankyouverymuch." Because some of us will never stop thinking of Bieber as a bratty 14-year-old, which makes his stunt yesterday kind of icky for mature ladies like me.

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And anyway, John Legend has plenty to be proud of. And also! More naked man butts are better. Why should women monopolize Instagram with their nudity? Let's get the guys in there, too.

I just want to know, though, what Legend said when he found out what Teigen had just done. Was he embarrassed? Angry? Scared? Proud? Did he run into the bathroom and hyperventilate for an hour? We'll probably never know. But he couldn't have been that mad, or Chrissy would have deleted the photo by now.

At any rate, let the games begin. Bieber and Teigen have thrown down the gauntlet. What other brave men will post a belfie? Your audience awaits.

What would your significant other do if you posted a photo of their bare, naked bottom on Instagram for all the world to see?


Image via chrissyteigen/Instagram

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